Spring-Green in the Tennessee

Have you always wished you had a spectacular looking lawn that enhanced the beauty and value of your home? Spring-Green is here to grant that wish. Using a selection of Tennessee lawn care services, you and your family can now enjoy the benefits of having a great lawn to call your own.

Why Spring-Green

Our Service Packages

A great alternative to do-it-yourself lawn care. The actual cost is comparable to the cost of materials alone. The difference is we do the work for you.
Our most popular program with essential care. Includes both fertilization and weed control, and gives you the results you expect from a professional lawn care service provider.
Our best value program that delivers top results. It provides our preferred program of fertilization and weed control PLUS 10% OFF an additional service.

Meet the Spring-Green Professionals in the Tennessee

  • Knoxville Area

    I’m Jimy White, owner of your locally owned and operated Spring-Green, serving Knoxville and the surrounding area. I’m committed to providing quality, professional lawn care that exceeds customer expectations.

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  • Franklin Area

    Hello, I’m Rodney Gaddis, owner of your local Spring-Green Lawn Care. I provide total lawn and tree care to homeowners and businesses throughout the Nashville region.

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