Lawn Care Guide

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Equipment Maintenance

Our guide on winter lawn mower maintenance will save you from costly repairs or even from having to buy a new machine altogether.

Flower Care

Our guide on flowers will help you discover in-depth guides on caring for hostas, poinsettias, and roses.

Lawn Disease Solutions

Brown patch. Fairy rings. Red thread. You’ve heard of ‘em all—now get the tools to deal with even the most stubborn of lawn diseases.

Lawn Talk Podcasts

Harold Enger, Spring-Green’s Director of Education, touches on everything from the basics of lawn care to advanced strategies.

Pest Control

Our guide on pest control will help you take your lawn back. Voles, squirrels, and insects, oh my! Find thorough tips for controlling virtually every kind of pest.

Pest Library

Our pest library will help you learn more about common pests found in a home such as ants, spiders, and cockroaches that our pest professionals can help eliminate.

Tree & Shrub Care

Our guide on tree & shrub care will help you get the maintenance tips, landscape plans, and more that you need to get your trees and shrubs in shape.

Turf Care

Our guide on turf care can help you to become as knowledgeable about your grass as we are.